The couple says yes to the adoptive sisters, but it won’t be until weeks later that they find out they’re having twins

Calena and BJ were very happy to adopt two girls. Surprisingly, just a few weeks later, they learned that they had two more small miracles ahead of them.

Raising a family takes time, well, most of the time! Life wouldn’t be «life» without surprises, happy accidents.

Calena and BJ Durel are from Cincinnati. They have one of the wildest stories ever!

The couple tried to have a baby and struggled with infertility. Unfortunately, this is an extremely common problem, with 15% of couples having difficulty conceiving.

Fortunately, technology has advanced a lot, and many couples can overcome difficulties together.For Calena and BJ, that reality was about to come true!

The Durrells has been trying to have children for over 5 years and has officially decided to adopt them.

In 2016, the couple was registering to become foster parents when they were asked to watch two little girls for an afternoon. Their foster parents were leaving and they needed a break, so the

Durels were happy to help!However, as soon as they met two girls, mutual love arose instantly.
Aubree and Mariah stepped foot into the Durels house and everything changed forever.

The Durels were asked if they were interested in adopting Aubree and Mariah.

After agreeing, the couple was delighted! Although their battle with infertility was heartbreaking, they now had two daughters in their lives.Everything was going in the most beautiful way until one morning Kalena woke up with severe pain in her stomach and nausea.

At first, the couple thought it was nerves, as they were preparing for adoption.

However, after a few weeks, nothing has changed. A quick test was later confirmed — the Durels were pregnant weeks before they adopted their two beautiful girls! After 8 years of fertility problems, their dreams of having a baby and adoption came true at the same time.

But this was not the only surprise that awaited them.

When Kalena went for an ultrasound, she learned something that shocked them: they were having twins! The family of four was about to get two new additions. Some may call it a miracle and others a nice surprise. Regardless, the whole family was more than happy to have tripled in size overnight.

Life is never boring or quiet, and it doesn’t look like the Durrells house is going to be either!

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