The crocodiles in Zimaaa were strightened

This man always went to hunting with his dogs and returned ut that time the dogs came ack  alone.The crocodiles ate the man during the hunting in America.

The researchers started reserching of the man and did it with other hunters and special workers.Scott went to hunting to Safarri and  did not appeared again.The amazing was that the man’s things and car were without any damage in the forest.

The bag of the man was found ih the seashore and the police discovered the man had been arrested by the three crocodiels from Nilla

The man hunted animals for ten years it is not good story and not happy but we all kow that even nature has the right of boomenarg.This man damaged the nature and animals and he had such a story of him and died as all tha poor animals which he hunten for ten years.

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