The dog combed the cat many days and saved her to live

This is a story about the dog who helped and saved the little kitten.

People did not even noticed the little poor  kitten.They thought that the dog did not want to go away and called to the valanteares in order to come and help the pet.Very quikly the girl Named Michel came to help the dog.We want to mention that was a spring day and the ground was wet and it ws rather difficult for her to work. But what a surprise…Michael saw a very strange and interesting thing .

The dog was giveing  milk to the little kitten.The dog feeded the kitten warmed and helped her to live and it was very good for her that people noticed the dog and the two lifes were saved.

The valanteares took the dog and his kitten  to the shelter and told him Golbi.Golbi did not let the kitten even a minute alone in the shelter .The kitten grew very quikly. She was very happy healthy and was so big that could not go fast. Not very long later they were taken to the house of their owners .

It was the place where they could live very safe and happy.

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