The dog continued to cry and bark at the pregnant mother.. In the end, saved her life

Ricky and his wife Alhanna live in Doncaster, England. They have an adorable dog named Keola. When they adopted a puppy and raised her as their child, the couple didn’t know the loving dog would reciprocate.

When Alanna became pregnant, everyone was excited. Finally, they would have a child.

But after a couple of months, the dog started to behave strangely. She barked in the presence of Alhanna, cried and tried to warn the woman about something.

At first, Alhanna ignored the worried dog, because when she went to the doctor, she was told that neither the mother nor the child was in danger.

One day, when Keola was again worried about Alhanna and her back pain, Riki took a picture of them. Then Alhanna shared the photo on Facebook, joking that she was scared because of Keola’s stare.

When Alhanna’s friends saw the photo, they suggested the woman taking the worry seriously.

So after several examinations, it turned out that the woman had a kidney infection.And if not Keola, she would die with the unborn baby.

Alhanna was shocked. Since she did not know about the infection before, she was in a very bad condition. The woman needed an operation.

Fortunately, Alanna underwent surgery and gave birth to a healthy baby.

The couple couldn’t believe that their dog could be so sensitive.

The lucky newborn was named Lincoln. Keola never lives the baby’s side. Moreover, now she takes care of Lincoln’s newborn brother.

There are no words. It’s not a dog, it’s an angel!

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