The dog had a bad decease and was always as a little puppy but

Looking at the dog Reidjer you  can think that  it is a little puppy ut it is not so.She is already four years old but he does not grow and will never grow that is so kind of illness.This is a kind of illness that a dog can get fro his parents.Either father or mother could have that illness .

His parents  were usual animals at look but it was not so.She was ill but her skin was very fresh and good.The owner of the dog was very carriing and warm that is why she is alive right that age.In that way she can live many years.

They did everything to help the pet  and even put it in the site to aks people for the help.

At the photos the dog was very good one and nearly 150.000 people looked it  posted and wrote interesting comments in order to help the dog.

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