The dog hided in the boots before until the man took him out

It is already many years tha man takes care to a little homeless dogs but this is a wonderful one .

During his walking he turned to the little dog who was hiden in the forest under the leafes.The man decided to help the poor the puppy.The puppy was alone and without help.The man took the puppy to the car feeded him and took to the pets hospital.After examining the puppy the man took him to his home and started taking care of him .The puppy lived in a real carriing happiness and warmness.

The years passed and the dog pecame a very wonderful and interesting  one.The man gave the pet name Semstiina.The dog became very energy happy and friendle one.He adores walkings and runnings he plays with the children very lovely .

He likes his life in comfort and likes the man who helped the poop puppy to live in that comfortable  condition.

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