The dog lost his owner but waited four years without going away

There is no good friend as the dog it is the anchangeable statement.

There are a lot of stories about this..And this story is that kind of .The dog was alone as his owner let him and he stayed at the same place waiting his owner without going anywhere.His name was Leo and his story was known in all over the world.Leo lived in Tailand.There were times when people wanted to take him to their houses and even gave a new name Xatiko.

People wanted to take him to their houses  but the dog did no want to go. He ran away from all the houses.And people started to give him only food to eat.And a man made a post to find the Xatikos owners an he did it finelly.The dog was very happy to see his owners but it was a great surprize.

The dog did not want to go with his owners.He stayed with the woman who told him Bon Bon and took care all this four years.

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