The dog rescured the rat to be his friend

We are sure that the animals from the different sorts can be good friends.It can seed unusual that the rat and a dog can be friends.This is a  real proof story.It is a story about how the dog Osiriss did not want to have a friend until the rat  came to his life.

Osiriss met the rate named Riff whem the rat  was newborn.The rat was very little and the dog remembered his chidhood thats why wanted to help her.Osiris knew that the rat faced to the same problem and decided to help her in order not to be very difficult for the little felow.

Osiris even partisipated in the training how to act with the other animals and even people and it becouse was his want not duty.Riff was a decorative rat and not very

log after it would become a very large one.

It was so becouse the dog used many pedagogical methods to grew his pet.He always protected the dog from the possible troubles.You could only look them in order understand taht theya were real and forever friends.

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