The dog was barking on the carpet without stoping he was not wrong there he discovered the unknown guests

The owner of the dog told to the journalists that she noticed the dog who was barking in the carpet and did not stop it  was very strange as he was very calm everytime.He did not stop it many days and the girl decided to take the carpet from the floor in order to see what there was.There was not anything under the carpet but the dog did not stop barking.When they  took planks they saw the real surprise there.Thes were mom and baby opposumes there.At first mom was very agressive and quik in order to save her babies and the girl stoped doing anything only counted that there were six babies there.

In order not to  hurm them Emm decided to feed them and did it.They adored the vegetables and fruits that Emm gave them and  lived in the big box which Emm made for them to live in.

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