The dog was criing from hunger the owner decided to get off from him

The man was walking in the street where he saw the owful dog.He was terribly thin and was so ill that could not even walk

.It was sure that he had not been fed very long time.It was very good that the man was very kind to the animals and did not let him in that situation .He at once rang the great valantere Anna Soller who came very fast.She at first got in shoke then   did what was important for the poor pet.

This dog was fond of hunting rabbits and the owners always did in this way.They made the poor dog to hunt then threw it away.The dog was very hungry and very frightened of all people.IT was very good that pets doctor told inspide of its appereance the dog was not ill.

They fed it wash it tokk it to sleep and have a rest then found such kind of family in order not to be thrown any more.

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