The dog was guarding the rag with which it was thrown out into the street.

A Rottweiler was found on the side of the road near the city of Dnipro.The reasons for finding the dog on the road are unknown, there are only assumptions.

The news of the discovery of an abandoned Rottweiler appeared on Facebook. The publication was added by volunteers of the Ark Society for the Protection of Animals.

The Rottweiler is young and active, but very hungry and obviously not out of friendliness. Those who are not indifferent feed the abandoned dog, regularly bring food to its place of residence, which the dog eats with pleasure.

Next to the Rottweiler, they found a red rag, from which the animal does not leave. Apparently, this is a bedding for sleeping and resting, and a dog guards it. Employees of the «Ark» and ordinary passers-by are afraid to take a dog with them.

Community workers said they are looking for specialists who can work with aggressive animals. Employees of the «Ark» are afraid not to cope with the dog’s temperament on their own, as he does not make contact and does not allow communication.

People responded to the post, many offered their help. But recently it became known that the Rottweiler was taken by volunteers who know the characteristics of the breed. It is they who will decide the future fate of the dog.

Perhaps the dog will be able to find a new home and responsible owners.

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