The dog was looking his owner already two years but he had died

The dog was walking in the street not paying attention on anything or anybody he was very tired hungry and looked very unhappy.

The people who lived in that village had already noticed him but did not know what or who he was looking for.He could hardly walk his back legs were already harmed.It became known that the dog had his house and owner but where he was nobody knew.Maybe they went to work and he went from home and did not return .

His mane was Jindol.Before all this he was very happy but when died her owners mother she became  the most  lonely and unhappy one.At first she sat at the same place and cried but now she walks and walks she wants to find the woman and thats why she goes the same places where they two went some months ago.In this way she hurmed herself and her health also went wrong.

The  son of his owner understood the reason of Jindols bad health and started going for a walk with him .They went to the same places and at the same period of the day .Jindol became more healthy and happy day by day.

All people must understand animals and be kind to them .They can not speak but they understand everything and do everything for us as real friends.


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