The dog was sitting in the street.The owners left her but she did not thought so

The dog was sitting near the many stored building.She was sad and alone .The people who live in the building got on well with the dog loved him and even feed him.The girl named Sveta was one of them.This girl was the kindest one.She saw the dog and could not never forget about it .She always thought about it and wanted to take it home.She liked it very much sometimes even feed it.She knew from the people who lived in that the cat and the dog had lived with their owners but they left the poor pets some months ago.An old woman took the cat to live with but the dog was so big that he was left in the street alone.The two pets were too much for the woman who had been retired  and the poor dog was in the street already a months or two.She decided to find a house for thedog and told about it to everybody and it was good that the shopkeepers of the pets shop wanted to keep the dog in their shop.Then she gave the dog to the family which wanted to have a pet.Then not many years passed and Sveta knew the dog was not in a very good conditions there and took him her house to keep in.She gave the dog name Eva .She liked him so much thet never thought let her alone or give to anybody .

How you can mark the acts of the girl ?


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