The dog was taken from the going car

You can never know and even imagine the stgrongest and strangest of people can be to act in this kind wiith the animals.

This is a kind of story how  a person acted badly with the unabe dog.They did not only threw it away but also took to the car and went to an unknown place.They wnt to the most fast traffic street and opening the car threw the dog away under the driwing cars.Then the car chlosed and they went away if the dog had never been.The poor pet could not know the information about his owners any more.

The poor dog ran and ran in the street with a lot of harms and demeging .She was in a real fuse in the street which she did not like the most.It was very good that the dog met the very kind woman who feeded the dog gave the water and even took him to their home when noticed that the dog was very weak.She took him to the pets hospital becouse understood that can not help the poor fellow.

Not very long later the dog became very well she was healthy and could walk quikly as in past.He is so beautiful and good one is so friendly that we are sure that can find a very good and cariing family for him

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