The durty and hungry dog was thrown in the street and nobody wanted to take care of him

People do a very bad thing when keep the pet then without any reason throw it away and do not think what it will be with the poor one.For him not coming back they decided to take him in the village very long from Kursk  andd took him in one forest.The people who lived near the forest fed him but when the dog who was the village liver saw and attacked him he could not attack him.When he went to the car making  center became very durty .People wanted to wash that durty one and help him how they could but then it became the very unwaited.

When he was already ready the valuntiers came and took him to the shelter from where he found his new family.The family members liked him at once and the dog was happy and felt safe with them.They named the dog White .It felt great care and warm living there.

It will be very good if all animals have their families and noone will thrown in the street.


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