The elderly cat celebrated his 19th birthday: he doesn’t know what expects him soon

Sammy’s story could have ended otherwise, if not for the kindness of these caring people.

This 19-year-old cat once had a home and a loving owner, but no one wanted to care for the elderly cat. He was taken to the Cincinnati orphanage, where there are many cats with a similar fate.

House cats usually live 12-15 years, so Sammy turned out to be the oldest among them. He came to the shelter about a week ago before his birthday.

On June 15, when he turned 19, the workers of the center honored the orphaned birthday cat.

Soon, the photos of the cat spread all over the Internet. Together with the pictures, they added a post where they wrote that the elderly cat has only one dream – to find a home.

Literally the next day, new owners came for him. The staff of the shelter immediately reported this happy news on social networks.

The animal care center employees say that the cat is so sweet. He loves to take a rest on people and gives many cuddles.

Shelter employees really hope they will sing ”happy birthday” again at Sammy’s 20th birthday.

God grant this cat health!

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