The eleventh years friendship of a lion and a man who anytime helped the animal

The lions are very cruel animals and a person must be very careful with them.They are cruel but it is not so that they can not be friendly and warm. And this story is the example of that.This is about tha seventy  years old man and a lion whose life the man safed.Friki lived in Africa and already was a good friend with the lion .The lion was born in the zoo but he was taken out from there.The man put off his shoes in order not to be heared his noice.Friki told that the careing for the lion is a very  interesting job.All lions have their own character their own likes and even sence of humour.The lions will never betrey will never lose their frankness .The lion s father and mother were very cruel and agressive but he was very calm and happy frank and careing with the man becouse he learnt it from the man.

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