The ESPN host dedicated the show to a touching tribute to his dog who holds back tears

Departing from its usual show content, the Scott van Pelt show on ESPN has taken a solemn turn.

Back in 2020, as the world suddenly plunged into individual lockdown, many people have found ways to continue working from home.

The most inventive and strange were people from news, weather and sports.Instead of the usual backgrounds and special effects littered with screens, they all began to make small studios right at home.

Van Pelt was one of such reporters.

He turned a place in his house into his studio and went to work like everyone else.And like those with pets, van Pelt’s studio had a regular audience.

Sitting on a leather couch that van Pelt described as a worn-out catcher’s mitt is an old dog.His name is Otis and he is Van Pelt’s best friend.
Otis became a regular on his show during the pandemic.

And as we return to our usual business, Otis also says his last goodbye.

They got Otis just a few weeks after their wedding. He described Otis as a kind of training wheels for couples like them who are just planning to start a family.

Van Pelt admitted that even when he saw other tributes, it was the only time he understood what it felt like.

He remembered coming home late at night and sitting in the dark in the kitchen. Then, he’d hear the clacking of nails against the floor. Otis would then emerge with his tail swinging and whirling like a helicopter.

As he shared moments of their life together, van Pelt burst into tears.

He shared how lucky we are as pet owners to receive such devotion and unconditional love.

“Nothing we do could earn what our dogs give away to us for free.” He said in his show. “That level of love and loyalty. And so many of you know what I’m talking about.”

The tribute he made for Otis was deep and heartbreaking.

But despite that, van Pelt remained grateful for the opportunity to love someone like Otis. On the show, he said he was grateful that Otis belonged to them and that they belonged to Otis.

It may be a loss, but for van Pelt it was definitely a happy life.

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