The family did not like the dog but when he saved their baby’s life became the loveliest one

There are a lot of situations when in the villages people sell their houses and buy the other one in the city and let their animals in the street.This  dog is one of those animals.The dog named Aira was in the street two years .Aira was not violent he was very friendly and light and all people liked him if had a chase to see him all people feeded the dog and took care of him.Aira especially liked children and played with him a ball it was his lovely doing.

One day a family came to the village with their little baby named Igor. The boy was five  years old liked Aira and wanted to play with him but his parents did not let him near the boy they do not like the dog.Parents did not even let Igor to look at the dog.One day when all children wer outside they played with a ball and the ball fall in the river where the water was very quikly and the boy wnet into the river to take it.Nobody knew how Aira saw that and harried to the river.The very friendly and kind dog saved the boy’s life and after this his parents were very thanksful to the dog they liked it and made him a member of their family.

Now they love Aira and the dog answers them in the  same way.Now the boy has a real friend and a nurse as well.

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