The girl brought the cat who had a need to have a friend

The girl saw the cat named Duate in the shelter.She made all the documents in order to take her their home as soon as it is possible

.The girl had a lot of cats but hers were very unfriendly and ran from the people’s hands .Duate was not so.She was very friendly and liked her owner very much.At nights she even went to the girls bed to live with  her.She liked to sit on the girls knees and play with her.The girl always wanted to know how had the girls life been.She could not do it but one day her rang up a woman and told something interesting.It was so that the cat had a very good friend .They were very deeply attached to each other.The cat who stayed at the woman  named  Konan.Magan wanted her cat to see hthe friend cat and she first wanted to ring up the shelter and ask if she could bring the cat then she made a very serious decission.

She decided to take tha cat and care of him too.First they did not want to give him but then agreed .The two friends were together again and were very calm and not nervious,.They lived very happy and fine.

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