The girl saved the dog from the pet shop who wanted love and care but nobody loved her

The story of a big dog and his owners started in the yard of a big storey building where a big dog wanted to harm the little one which could not save himself. Nobody of naighbours could save the dog but one woman did it when the dog was saved the little girt kept him and cried DOLF.This was the beginning of the story tha big dog and his owners .They loved him feeded him and very soon took to a doctor.

The doctor told that the dog did not have any desease but it might be feeded very good and they took Dolf to village and he was very happy there running and running all day long.

Now Dolf is very happy in his new family and lives with them with great pleasure they go to the river for fosh and he loves eating very tasty fishes

.Dolf has his frank friend at home their little baby likes the pet very much and always tells when she grows will  also live with the pet.

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