The girl searched the dog near her heart before she met him

Irina Peskova lived with her husbans .She was not alone but she wanted to have a dog who will be her real friend.She always dreamed how she cares of it how she takes her for a walk.

She and her husband looked for the dog but could not find it.Nearly two years they looked for it but could not find the near heart anywhere to share the house with him.One early morning Irina hurried to work when when in the newspaper she saw the dog which was very near to her heart.The dog with very sad eyes was the one they looked for.At that time that street dog found his owner.Ira found her dream .

They went to visit the dog to play with her a bit an then took her their house and named her Ayiza.The dream of the girl became true.The dog is very happy.She grows in a great happiness and care.They always take the dog for a walk every evening and morning.They teach the dog a lot of treaks and get happy with them.

They fed the dog very well and all time spend much time with her .

All are happy either the dog and also the young people.

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