The girl thought she had saved a cute kitten, but after 3 months he changed color and behavior

Catherine Van Beek discovered a small kitten in a storm drain. This tiny little one had no chances of survival on the street, so Catherine decided to take him home. But after 3 months, unusual things began happening to the kitten—his color and behavior completely changed.

Catherine named the gray kitten Bruce and gradually helped him adapt. She had to feed the little one with a dropper, and she created a separate social media page where hundreds of followers could track his progress.

It was these followers who first noticed the peculiarities. Catherine regularly posted photos of the kitten, and after a month, people started commenting that his fur was changing. Catherine herself didn’t notice these changes since she saw Bruce every day.

However, soon Bruce started behaving more boldly, and his behavior resembled that of a true predator. Additionally, his fur did darken significantly. After 3 months, the gray kitten transformed into a completely black cat.

That’s when Catherine decided to show Bruce to a veterinarian. It turned out that the color of the kitten’s fur could have been influenced by his mother’s condition. Due to a lack of food, she was likely constantly hungry and stressed.

Furthermore, it was revealed that Bruce is a mixed breed. In New Zealand, there are many feral cats, and it’s possible that their genes influenced his more predatory behavior.

Nevertheless, Bruce quickly adjusted to the home environment and became a beloved companion.

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