The girl was alone and took the dog to her house.Her eyes were deep to herse

Ksenya Frolova Found the dog who eagered  love.Six years the girl lived in loneliness .

Ksenya lived alone in the very big house and she wanted to share her lonely nights and house with anybody who can be a real friend for her.first she decided to take a pet from the shelter then she put an advertism,ent in the inet.On the same day she got a rang from the girl who wanted to give a pet to her.They talk to each other and the first met.

The first meeting was unforgetable.The same thing that Ksenya and the dog wanted was the real love.It was shure that the dog had a very strange and frightening life considered with the men.That is why she was frightened from men.

She afraed from the loud voice and that kind of situations.The girl and the dog did not have love and they to eagered to it.The dog who she named Milana gave her heart to that kind fellow.

They were so deeply attached to each oher that never thought about living appart.They two loved each other and it is already six years they live together .

The dog tought the girl to live each day love it and get great pleasure with each moment.

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