The goose helped the little puppy under his wings

It is well known statement there are not cheldren of others.Not only people but also animals think so.Th mothers instinct help all of us to do the best for babies even it is not  yourse.

Nobody knew how the puppy stayed in the street and walked from here to there dont knowing what to do.Everything could be very bad if the goose did not help the poor fellow.She understood taht the puppy had a need of help helped him kept him in her wings and the puppy slept very happy and warm.

She felt warmness and safetiness.She took the baby till early morning.Seeing this the stranger mada photos then a bit later put it in his social sites.

All people liked the photo commented and posted it.

Do you agree that this bird can break all stone hearts and she has mor instinct than can any person have.

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