The guy witnessed the unusual way in which the cat enters the house

Jones was waiting for the bus at a bus stop in a residential area. Public transport was delayed that day and it was this that allowed the man to see an unusual sight that made an indelible impression on him.

A cat came up to the house not far from the stop, she stopped at the door and sat down. A minute later, the cat got tired of sitting, so she climbed onto the railing, then stood on her hind legs and, grabbing the door knocker with her paw, began to knock on the door. Apparently, this was how the cat informed its owners that she had come home.

Although the windows in the house were lit, no one was in a hurry to open the door to the animal. The guy decided that the owners simply did not hear the knock and was about to come up and help the cat, but just then a bus began to drive up to the bus stop.

Jones filmed the cat’s attempts to knock on the house on his phone and then posted the video. Very quickly, the video gained hundreds of thousands of views, confirming that cats are very smart and easy to learn.

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