The heart of the dg was broken twice

Diana Xudko shared the story about the dog Mia.The poor dog was unhappiness and it take place twice.She lived in a house were she was alone without care and even without food and drink.

You could never emagine how can the owner be such unkind and strong wiith his pet .They started not to feed the dog.But the happiness happened when he met his real saver Diana Xudko .the girl told us about the dog whose life she saved .She saw the poor weak and unhappy dog who wannted a help and the girl understood it.She asked the dogs owner for taking her and they agreed with great pleasure.Diana gave the dog to the other owners and what a pity .

The dog was worse there then in the first house.She was so shy that she went and found Diana’s house.Diana was sutprised at the human beings unkindness .She took the dog but the dog used to live in the street and went there to live .Finally Diana took her to their home .The dog lived there .

We want to write our thanks to Diana who eagered to do the best for the dog even it was temporarily.

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