The homeless cat went to the strange home and started crying with tears

The painter who lived in Orlean nearly ten years.She could get a lot of friends and last year she got a very strange friend ,anusual situation .Her friend was a cat.Last year a very rainy autumn day the girl’s house came a very strange cat .But she already had one at home.Its mane was Bryuse.Girl thought that the elder one told the new cat to come their house to live in.

Bryuss taller more fatt and more strong but he liked the guest and wanted to live with her.The girl told the guest Salyami and allowed her to live with them.Girl wanted to take the cat to the doctor and when she wanted to take her to the car she noticed the cat vas pregnant.They went cdame back home and the days passed .One early morning when Ida was yet asleep she  heard the voice of the cats murmuring.

She was surprised when she saw the cat.It was surely seen that she came home to give birth to her kittens and becides she was very hungry.Ida did everything for the cat in order to give birth her kittens in safetiness and in order everything was comfortable for her.Only at night at four she saw the four beautiful kittens.Ida kept Salyami at their home but for kittens she found  a house to live in .Now she is very happy that the cat lives with them .Its very happy for her cat and Salyami is not in the strret too.The two cats love each other a lot and are always together but they sleep with ida a nights in order not to let her alone.She always starts her days with the morning tap tap tap and ends the days with the real happiness .

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