The hunter accidentally helped the stork, but the bird did not want to fly away and now accompanies him everywhere

Arif, returning from another hunting trip, noticed a stork near the fence who clearly needed help. Without hesitation, he decided to assist the bird, and after successful rehabilitation, he planned to release it back into the wild.

However, the stork chose to stay by Arif’s side and now considers him its best friend. Arif documents the story of their unlikely friendship on video.

Arif resides in the small village of Ameti in the Uttar Pradesh state of India. Like other residents in the area, he is involved in farming. Hunting is more of a hobby for him, and he has never pursued game for trophies.

When Arif saw the stork on the ground, he immediately offered assistance. He brought the bird to his home, tended to its injured leg, and provided care. After a month, the stork made a full recovery, and Arif anticipated it would fly away, regaining its natural freedom.

However, the stork decided to stay and live in Arif’s yard. The bird makes an effort not to stray too far from its human friend. Even when Arif rides his motorcycle, the stork flies alongside him, displaying loyalty and attachment to the hunter.

Instances of friendship between birds and humans are rare, and their strong bond is truly remarkable. It seems that the stork has developed a special attachment to Arif, seeing him as a reliable companion and protector.

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