The longest family reunion ever occurs when an eight-year-old dog that had been lost is located and returned to them.

A devastating thing that can happen with pet owners is losing their animals. Sometimes it requires months and even years to find lost pets.

However, we should think that miracles happen. Never stay hopeless until your little companion is found.

Like these people, that reunited with their doggie after 8 years of long separation.

Cara Seiler and Kailey Kunts adopted their dog Kemo when he was a tiny pup. Unfortunately, after 2 years in 2013, the dog went missing.

In fact, the owners have never lost their faith to find Kemo. And their hope was rewarded lately, when they were called to be informed that Kamo was found! The shocking news made the women cry all the way to the animal center.

After so many years of separation, the long-waited reunion turned into reality. The dog knew his owners. He felt good in their presence.

This is why microchipping your dogs is important. Kemo became a street dog, and the animal center found him and took care of Kemo. Only after checking his health, vets found out about the microchip and called the owners.

The return of the former pup was shocking for all of the employees at the care center. They mention this is why you need to microchip your pet. Wonders may happen after long years of being apart.

It’s so touching that Kemo reunited with his family!

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