The man helped the dog whose had left under the ridje

One Sunday morning a man named John Xolter went to the market to uy sweets ut the shop was surprizingly closed.

Seeing the shop was closed she went away and heard the low murmuring of the animal and went appart to see what it was.He saw the little puppy under the bridge .His mouth was closed with the tape.

Seeing the scene xolter was in shoke so that unwaitingly cried very  loudly.The man took the poor fellow and wnet to the pets doctor in order to help him.

The doctor told the dog had been in that condition many days and cried so much that are a lot of tears in his stape of the mouth.The man did a very kind think and all doctors told that if the dman did not help the poor he will now be died and this was the doctors most terrible work in his lifeThe doctor did everything and even did a post in site and found the family which wanted to help him .

The family took the dog and made him the member of their family.

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