The man laying on the ground did not get any help but the big dog tried to help him

All people get attention by their appereance.If we se a well dressd man we can thing that he is ill if we see an old bad dresses man we thing that he is drunk.

Such kind of story took place in Guapiles in Costa-Rica.The dog was runnind along the truck but no one could not understand what was happened.Then finally the man stopped apposite of the dog .He wanted to know what was happened.

The animal seeing the man took him to the place where the man was lying.All people  thought that he was drank but the man understood that he was drank and called an ambulance.The doctors came and deagnosed the heart attack and took the man to hospital.

The dog went with him.When he became well told that he lived with the dog and when was bad he was walking in the street with his dog.

The devotion of the dog helped him not to die.

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