The most big-hearted boss: Indian boss provided his employees with 1260 cars and 400 homes

For many employees of one of the Indian diamond companies, this prominent day will remain in their memories forever.

The executive of Hare Krishna Exports had never been so kind and noble as that festive day.

All the working staff of his famous company was gifted over a thousand cars and 400 cozy apartments by their boss.

All of them were confused and could not believe that it was not a dream, or a real day, whose boss had such a charitable heart.

The boss, Savji Dholakia, had always been kind and open-handed to his employees.

However, no one expected that he would donate such an exceptional number of stuff.

This huge diamond company has branched into 70 more countries around the world and makes a profit on a global scale.

So, the famous company sometimes shares kindness with its staff.

In 2014, more than 100 workers have been donated new and cozy living spaces and cars.

And, as the head of the beloved company announced, he would not stop there.

He has a new charitable project for the nearest future and will continue to make such good surprises for his employees.

At first sight, it’s difficult to catch his “unusual gestures”, but when you know his personality it will become logical.

So, he never let her children spoil by giving them a strict and disciplined life to show that life is not easy-peasy.

He has brought them up with strong and good personalities.

And, always reminded them to be able to earn on their own to estimate their profit.

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