The most smiley stray pit bull finds a forever home after a kind man rescues him

It’s still a problem having all the dogs at shelters and adopting them. Though they are so loved by many people, a huge number of them are still wandering in the streets.

This story is about a pit bull that was found walking in the streets of Brooklyn.

Pit bulls are considered the most aggressive dogs. But this dog proves how cute they can be.

It was a common day when Jon was walking with his pup Demo. Accidentally he saw an 11 months old little pitbull all alone. He decided to take care of the pup until he would find the owners.

The man kept on looking for the parents of the stray dog. He even posted flyers but with no feedback.

Eventually, he realized that it’s guilt, living without the most smiley dog in the world. Jon named the pup Brinks.

After 12 years, Brinks is the same energetic and positive pup! He loves his owner and often gives him adorable smiles.

Jon says that the pup smiles all the time. In all the situations the pup enjoys, he gives big smiles – during greeting in the morning, when receiving treats. He even smiles when fallen asleep!

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