The owners did not gave the dog to eat and always hurmmed him and he found a new family

It is very interesting why people took a pet if they are not good with them arent feed and care of them.

The owners of this dog did not like the dog did not feed him and even did not take him for a walk.And this poor dog stayed at home hungry cold and very sad.And the good heighbor saw it and it was very good for the dog.She made a plan to take him out of that bad conditions.The woman took him out gave her a name and made a very huge concert .

Rocki was the simol of the concert.The dog was very grate in photoshoots and people always did photoshoots with him .He became the star of  conserts.Roky was  a very friendly one andhe got aquanted with two dogs which were saved y tha woman .They also were in that ad  condition.

Now we think the owners of the dog are very sad that did not take care of th puppy and they will never have such kind of puppy again

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