The pet whose owner died three years ago stayed near the grave of his those three years

This story is about the frankness and the betraying of our best friends that are pets.When the owner of this pet died he did not have a place to go and did not have a person to live with that is why he stayed near the grave of his owner.Before his death the owner of his lived in Ukrain.All naighbours knew what had happened with the dog but nobody wanted to take him to live with.He lived there very long time and everybody gave food for him to eat the keepers of the grave took him away be he kept living  there.

He lived in such a way until the kind man found him and wrote about him in social programmes made a lot of posts.He made photos of the dog .And finely zookeepers took attention to him.Valenteers found him took him and time to time wanted to find a house for him

Now they do everything to find a house for the dog .He has a very good cherecteristic feachures he is very friendly and  likes poeple very much .And this is a reason that we do everything to do our best for the poor dog.

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