The picture of unhealthy kitten make am influence on everybody but nobody helped him but only a girl

At first we look at the picture and did not understand anything we only see that it ia a poor one but when we see the heads the people cut start thinking how cruel can a person be.

In happiness of us there was found a girl who wanted to help the kitten .The girl whose name was Aleina notised the kitten and wanted to help her.At first she wanted to take her to the pets doctor.The kitten was not only ill but also frightened .The girl told the kitten Marsele and took care of her after the operation during which the doctors cut  her  legs .She liked the kitten so much that decided to keep her in her house .After not very long time nobody could recognize the kitten.The poor kitten is very well now she is very friendly and wants to see people .Now the kitten walks a bit. Aleina bought socks for her in order to make her walkings a bit easier.It will be good thet each of us takes care of animaks and be kind to pets.

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