The pregnant pig had so great mothernity instinkt that before giving birth went from the firm

The pregnant pig get so great risc for her  babies that went from the fiirm.She lived in the same firm that is why she knew how will his babies future be.She went from the firm where she was feeded greatly and  had a great care.But she desired the endipendence for her and her babies.She found a very calm place and there gave a birh to her nineteen pigs.The domestic pigs live mor then five years but they rarely live so happy as she now.The pig mother gave birth took care and feeded her little babies very secret. A very good mother gave her babies very much energy with her presenting and doings.Before the owners of the firm founded that the pig was not there a very kind woman saw her and call zookeepers.It was founded that in order to give the independence the pig and her babies the zookeepers even made reports in the inet about the pig.At the and the farmers gave their agreement and the pig went to the pig shelter with her babies in order not to let them alone.

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