The puppy bravely guarded the wounded sister lying on the median strip of the road

A couple of puppies that were lying on the median strip were reported to the trapping service a few months ago. People said they tried to move the animals out of the way, but they showed aggression towards them.

The noise of a humane capture came to the call, who were moved to tears by the picture they saw. One of the puppies, a girl. She could not stand on her paws, and the boy, who was also clearly injured from a meeting with a car, was spinning nearby. Trying to stir up your girlfriend.

When people began to approach, the boy began to bark and rush at people, trying not to let them near his little sister. It took the catchers a lot of time, but they were able to persuade the boy to let them near the second dog.

The puppies required a long and difficult treatment. The boy, whom we named Boba, spent a little more time in the hospital, and the girl Biba soon recovered and returned to captivity. When I first saw her, she hadn’t walked yet. The baby was afraid of people and preferred to lie in the corner of the paddock, curled up in a ball.

The puppies were inseparable, when they got better we started looking for a home for Biba and Bob. Very soon, Bob was taken in by a family from Moscow, and Biba was left alone. For a very long time and difficultly, she experienced separation from her brother and the fact that no one wanted to take her into the family.

Biba is small and very affectionate, they are calm and well-mannered. Outwardly, both Biba and her brother are mestizo dachshunds.

The girl has a very smart look, but besides intelligence, sadness is visible in her eyes. Biba is only 7 months old, she is still a child, but she is a lonely child with no one to take care of her.

While Biba is in captivity, she lives in a street enclosure, along with other dogs, and almost does not believe that someone will take her away. Every time the door of Biba’s enclosure opens, she climbs into the arms of the girl who comes to feed the dogs and tries to hug her with her small paws in order to feel the warmth and caress from a person for at least a minute.

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