The shelter puppy cried when he saw the man standing near him

All animals were very sad when they saw a person from outside of shelter .As  they  thought that a person went to took him but when they anderstood that they are not right started being as sad as they were.But there was a dog

who was not so he was very anfriendly he did not like animals in shelter and also people who came there.He did not like anybody and always ran away from  all.

It was understanding as his last owner was very bad with him he did not take care of the poor pet did not like him thats why he thought that everybody was in that way.
The shelter workers wanted to know what was the reason of the dogs behaveour and they decided to take a photo of him and put it in the inet and to know who was the man who took care so badly with the poor fellow  and in surprise the farmer from America came out.He rang up to the shelter and told that he was the owner of the big dog and he lost his pet and was looking for him till then.He told that the dog was his loved one and wanted to take it.

Days later the man came to the shelter and saw his pet.At first the pet did not recognise his owner but when he did it ran to hiam and it was the first time they saw the pet very happy and the owner cried too.

He did not think that his pet will remember him .He took his pet to the farm they lived very happy again.

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