The story is about the cat.The ugly duck became a beautiful one

The story took place in spring when the girl working in the shelter noticed the cat who was ugly in appereance.First the girl wanted to  feed the cat but she only took a smell .She did not eat anything.It was sure that the girl had been ill and anyone wanted to cure her.The girl understood that the ill cat had a need of help.She was so weak that she could not even walk.The girl took her home.The cat slept very much and did not eat anything.Thats why the girl took her to the doctor.There they cured the low temperature of the cat and looked her weith.The wrote a medicine for the cat and after few days her temperature was higher then 40 c.The girl was  so kind that could not even sleep at nights.She stayed to cure the cat .That is why the cat used to her and liked to sleep in her hands.It was so as if she understood that the girl was the one who saved her life.She always murmured in her hands as if  sang a song for her.Girl named her Proshka and the cat became healthy beautiful and nice day by day.There were a lot of people who wanted to take the cat and she gave her pet to the man who was as kind as the girl.He always made photos and sent them to the girl.

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