The tale of un ugly duck became a beautiful swan and it had real basis.

A trsange duck which was found by the man named Robbert Adams was very strange andd ugly.

It would die if the man did not find and cure him.In the body of a grey duck there lived a very tremendous willpower and a craving for life.The little ducks wing was very unusual and he could not eat the man learned from the nurses that he must keep the duchks chiks in his hands.

The man did not give up.He continued his curings.The man cured and even loved the duck which soon became very beautiful one.They were so attached to each other taht lived in the same bed .Rog gave the duck name  Sydney.

They had their third friend Chixuaxua the dog of Rob.It is a bit unusual that the bird can be the dogs friend but it was so.Soon Rob addopted his duck in the wild life and took her to the lake.But what the swan did what do you think.


When Rob wanted to give her freedom she thought that she has a real family and did not want to be free.

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