The three wolves were thrown to street and the woman helped them

Tony lives in the USA and she is very popular with her status.She always heps animals be safe .One late evening she got a rang and was not surprised .

She was used to it.The man who rang up told about the three dogs whose htheir owners left in the street.They wanted to uy the puppies ut when they saw them understood that there were not dogs ut little cruel beasts.They were walves.

And were surprised how the woman had not  understood at first about it and took care as dogs.She brought them home took care of them inspite of the difficulty even did not sleep at nights.

After the hard work the wolves became very big beautiful healthy beasts and very shie as well.


Woman gave them names very like them Yautu Vanaki and Vakipi.Already passed 12 years and the beasts went to live in the forest but they olways come to see the woman who grew themfeeded and kept them many years .From the story we can understand that even beasts are thankful and never forget good doings.

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