The tricks of the smartest dog in the world that are sure to surprise and delight you

Certainly,there are breeds that are naturally more prone to education and training.They learn much faster compared to their other relatives and make better contact with a person.

And, it’s hard to believe, but this also applies to dogs, like Yorkshire terriers.

In fact, they are very easy to train. For them, it is not too difficult to bring slippers or newspapers, it is just as easy to perform various tricks.

This swet baby became famous on the Internet after her owner started posting videos of her pet showing off all her skills and abilities.

Many users immediately fell in love with this puppy. After all, Misa has indeed shown such skills that not every shepherd can boast. And so she definitely deserved attention. As well as the mistress who was able to raise her dog this way.

Don’t forget to watch the video below! We have no doubt that you will appreciate the skills of this adorable.

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