These people lived 28 years with the bear the wild animal at the same home

Husband Yuri and the wife Svetlana lived at the same house 28 years with the bear. The baby bear became orphan becouse of the hunters who hunted his mother.The panteleve family  saved the bear as they bought her from the zoo.The bear at first was not adopted to the family life but the family helped him very muh and he loved them and started to live with then with great pleasure.The only thing which disturbed all of them was the loud roar of the beast.After a few time the beast became a film star .He often appeared in the TV.He made a lot of photoshoots and even had a diet.His diet included vegetables fruits and only water.Only one performance of the bear included 20.000 rubles.Stefane lives in this house since now he likes eating but he earns in full as all family members.

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