They put the puppy in a box and wrapped it with scotch tape.The little one could hardly stand it

The little puppy was placed in a box that he barely fit in and couldn’t move at all. Every centimeter of the cover on the box was secured with tape.Someone tried not to give the baby a single chance for salvation.

In the box, the baby was crying, trying to call for help from his mother. But there was less and less air, the baby was slowly dying.
It is not clear how the puppy deserved such a fate and how it was possible to doom him to die alive. The puppy was too small and weak to stand up for itself.

The quiet squeak of the baby was heard and he was taken out of the box. The white dog weighed less than a kilogram, he didn’t even have the strength to cry.

Perhaps he was just afraid to make a sound, because he didn’t know at all what to expect from people.
So now the puppy will live, and I want to believe it will be happy.

The baby was named Isai.He was found a temporary home, where he is taken care of and fed. While everything in the baby’s life is temporary, but I want to believe that he will find permanent owners and a home. The kid is very vulnerable, he won’t be able to survive on the street himself..So finding a home for him is a top priority.

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