This baby polar bear was captured on camera while he was in a good mood: he’s a true cute

This cute fluffy bear cub could be a supermodel.

Usually these creatures don’t afraid of cameras, even a photographer can go near to them and took a picture.

Meet this white fluffy friend is only 14 weeks old.

And, this was its first photoshoot. The cutie was climbing on the cliff, playing hide-and-seek.

Generally, he loves to enjoy the fresh air and to research new places.

The series of pictures of this cuteness were captured at the Hellabrunn Zoo in Munich.

As it’s seen, it is so energized and playful.

The adorable cub is enjoying its lovely day, it even winked at the cam!

It’s so lovely, right?

Moreover, the fluffy baby has a good shape and lifestyle.

It wights about 18 pounds, as the manager of the zoo, named Rasem Baban claims.

Giovanna, the 10-year-old mother bear has two more babies.

The two 3-year-old bears have taken to the Netherlands.

And now the little cub gets all the love and attention of its mom.

Luckily, the cute baby raises healthy and very active.

Despite receiving the love of her mom, it also gets the human care and affection from the whole zoo staff.

As Rasem happily says, they are excited to see the progress of their lovely cub.

It’s their joy and happiness!

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