This boy stopped traffic to help a strange grandmother

Meet Maurice Adams Junior, a young American who stopped traffic to help an elderly woman

What a brave and heroic act.

One day, his mother was driving with him in one of the streets, when the boy noticed an elderly grandmother who was trying to climb the stairs.

Adam’s mother, Riley Duncan Jr., quickly turned off the car’s engine and her son hurried to cross the road.He was so anxious that he did not even remember at what speed he was able to stop the traffic.The witnesses managed to capture the brave moment

The kind young man rushed to the old woman and put his hand on her back. There was so much emotion in him that he helped her up the stairs without hesitation. When they approached the last step, the grandmother hugged the boy. Moreover, she whispered in his ear “Know that you are unique”

So, the 8-year-old guy didn’t know that he became the hero of the day. He was soon in the headlines of the day.

In an interview with WSB-TV Atlanta, Adam’s mother stated that she was proud of her son.

He showed his respect for the older woman, which meant that the upbringing was correct.

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