This cute baby was born with a heart-shaped birthmark on his face: see what he looks like 6 years later

This cute story is about a kid who was born with a special mark to prove that he is blessed with love.

On his birthday his father even didn’t realize that it was a birthmark and tried to remove it considering it was dirt.

So, everyone in the hospital was amazed by the unique mark of the baby boy.

The baby’s name is Chinar, and he is 6 years old now.

He became a very popular and lovely kid for everyone.

Over time, his heart mark was getting bigger and bigger.

Now it is so expressed that local people see him and want to have a photo with him.

When he was born, the doctors believed that the spot would disappear when he turned 6.

However, he is already 6 years old, but the mark accompanies him making him so cute and special.

Moreover, he and his family, even the familiar people don’t imagine him without the lovely heart on his forehead.

As if, it is his landmark and part of his lovely appearance.

Besides, Chinar is also a warmhearted and lovely boy with an honest man with a good manner.

He is the pride of his family, as well as the class.

He is always helping the other kids and wants that the world will be a wonderful and equal place for everyone.

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