This Smart Dog Is Grandma’s Only Support And He’s Been Running Errands For Years

This elderly woman adopted her dog ten years ago when the pup was very small and her former owner had abandoned her.

But the years passed and Jérémie, the dog, grew up.

At that time, Madame Solange could not imagine that after a few years, her dog would be her only support and would run errands for her himself.

Once the woman fell and broke her leg.

Her leg was healed, but it was still in pain and since that day, Solange couldn’t leave her apartment.

She was walking home with a stick in her hand.

The dog lost his only chance to hang out with Grandma and walk with her.

But one day Madame Solange wrote down the names of some purchases on a sheet of paper, put it in a bag with some money and sent Jeremy to the store.

The dog figured it out and left and when he came back he was pulling the shopping bag in his mouth.

Thus, Jérémie left every day bringing from the store not only food, but all that was necessary for their family.

Jérémie adored the grandmother who saved him when she was very young and would not stop doing this work so that his mistress would never go hungry.

Madame Solange had a good neighbor who visited her often and helped with the housework.

And also, she washed and fed Jérémie and sometimes went for a walk with the nice doggie.

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